Entry #8


2011-03-13 16:24:11 by DeFgoMAN

Well, Now, i'm a flash programmer. Currently, I just ate my lunch, and then, backed to the computer. I'm trying to do a coolio project with RubberNinja, in a game called "Baby Banshee Playtime". I'm just a rookie in flash drawing, My COLORING is good but the lines are bad.
The bad guy, Banshee is simply the monkey of Jeff The Brotherhood's "The Boys R Back In Town" disc. I hope you guys will like it. Will be provably the mostly famous game I've ever programmed. I don't have any flash work so, I'll let my stuff be full belly achieved!


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2011-04-28 06:14:13

Are you sure? You don't have any Flash submissions to prove your talent in Flash programming or Flash in general.

DeFgoMAN responds:

I Know... But Thanks For Dropping By And Commenting.


2011-04-28 08:25:15

Sounds great!

DeFgoMAN responds:

Thanks Luis!


2011-04-28 08:57:01

First I've heard of it!

DeFgoMAN responds:

RN, I've Seen Your PM. Thanks For Responding!